Welcome to My World

This is home for the many ways that I participate in relationship with life. I am a memoir oriented writer, poet, and multi-media artist. Plant witch, talisman maker, and gift economist. And an amateur photographer that weaves pictures with my storytelling near daily on Instagram and Facebook.

I am a transgressive woman by cultural standards and I take pride in this. I am fat and body neutralIntersectionally feminist. Sex positive and former erotic party producer.  Femme. Queer and married to a queer/ genderqueer person. I’m learning how to live as a birth mother in a radically open adoption, while simultaneously learning how to be an empty-nester. I was a teen and single mom to two queer children of color who are now young adults following their dreams.

I am a creator, non-profit professional, and community builder living on the margins both by choice and cultural imperative.

I delight in living out on the edges of culture where things are weird and intense and beautiful. I learn and grow by walking out on the edges where humans are exploring everything that is possible, especially in the realms of art and human connection.

I believe this is where our future lives —
in the people who envision and experiment with new possibilities.

In the people who nurture radical transformation in themselves and their relationships
through self awareness, creativity, and social justice.

In our communities as we build each other up and and build out our radical lives and actions.

I invite you to connect with me out here on the margins where we are dreaming the future.