Radical Inclusion Transforms Individual & Communities

I create and nurture radically inclusive spaces for transformation to take place. Whether I am working with nurturing an online community, managing an office, or hostessing erotic parties, my mission is to create belonging spaces where everyone is welcome and where change is managed with intention. I currently work for justice in the non-profit world and moderate a fantastic Facebook community for culture makers. I am also writing a book on belonging and having conversations with people to gain a deeper understanding of how belonging, or lack thereof, impacts our quality of life.

I am doing this work because I don’t fit in a culture that demands repression of self and oppression of others to belong, a culture that thrives on exclusion.  I desire to find the alternative to making exchanges for belonging. I believe radical inclusion is the answer.

There is a beautiful saying among the Xhosa tribe in Africa, Ubuntu, that says, “I am, because we are.” Our sense of self is directly related to the depth of our being known, being an integral part of the whole. This philosophy guides my work and my art.

I believe radical inclusion is the path to positive change between humans, individuals, and collectives. Radical inclusion is choosing to evolve beyond the outdated, fear-based fight and protect instinct of our primitive brain in relationship to other humans. Radical inclusion is when we welcome and respect the stranger, no matter how they are different from us. When we are radically inclusive, there is no “other.”

Radical inclusion begins with the self and radiates out to our circles of community, from family and friends to acquaintances and neighbors to cities and nations.

Radical inclusion and transformation may seem like separate experiences but they are deeply intertwined. Radical inclusion requires transformation in order to accept the “other” in ourselves and the “other” in people who are different from us. And radical inclusion creates transformation because people become their best and truest selves when they accept all of themselves and feel that they belong.

Radical inclusion begins with including all of ourselves in our experience of life, embracing our shadow selves and the weird, quirky, awkward selves that our culture tells are inappropriate and unwelcome. Radical inclusion means accepting all of who we are – everything about our human bodies, brains, hearts, and souls. It means accepting where we came from; the ways we name and feel our identity; our illnesses, neuroses and addictions; and how we cope with the hardness of life. It means accepting our kinks and fetishes, our gender expression or lack thereof, and our love for whomever or whatever brings us alive. It also means accepting our failures, our regrets, and the pieces of ourselves we’d rather forget.

Radical inclusion requires radical transformation. It demands facing ourselves in a mirror like we never have before. It calls us to dig into our judgments and the ways we are conditioned to believe that repressing ourselves and oppressing others are the ways to belong. It requires looking into the shadows and pulling out the pieces of ourselves that were dismembered and thrown away for the sake of being included by a culture based on conformity.

Creativity, magic, and ritual facilitate transformation. Acts of creativity and ritual embed transformation in our bodies, minds, and souls. The pain of change does not have to bring suffering if the process is engaged with intention and if we use the tools available to us. Let me say this again, the pain of change does not have to bring suffering. While pain is inevitable, suffering is not a life sentence.

You can be your own therapist, healer, and guru and set yourself free.

You have the power to experiment your way forward.

Wherever and however we may connect, a radically inclusive space is the space that I want to provide to You.

A space to be real.
A space to be free.
A space to belong.
Whatever that means to you, I include You.

You Belong Here.

Please Come In


“Community cannot take root in a divided life…only as we are in communion with ourselves can we find community with others.” Parker Palmer