Why Radical Mystic?

Child Mysticrad·i·cal

1. of or going to the root or origin;

2. thorough going or extreme, especially
as regards to change from accepted or
traditional forms.


2. a doctrine of an immediate spiritual
intuition of truths believed to transcend
ordinary understanding, or of a direct,
intimate union of the soul with God
through contemplation or ecstasy.

What does it mean to be a radical mystic?

I am radical because I am a cultural edge dweller. I am not interested in tradition or the status quo. My rebellious spirit is fierce. I am a non-violent revolutionary; a community builder; a feminist and sex-positive activist; a former erotic party hostess; and an off-again, on-again public practitioner of mysticism, polyamory and BDSM. I am committed to being a transformation agent – using intimate relationship and creative generosity to make myself and the world more loving and healthy.

I create from radical vulnerability. I am willing to be raw with my personal process and emotional experiences in hopes of inspiring others to share their story and deepen intimacy with myself and community. It is our stories that connect us.

I am radical because I lead from love. The professional world needs to honor the emotional world of the people who work in it. I advocate for love-based, transparent and inclusive leadership practices in the organizations I work with.

I am radical because I co-create radical family through radical love.* I raise my children with radical ideas and I build radical relationships with those closest to me through radical vulnerability and transparency.

A mystic is essentially a lover of God. I am a lover of God in every way you could imagine that phrase to mean and have been for as long as I can remember. The picture up above is me when I was a little girl, praying my heart out. I can remember being deeply in love with Jesus and the story he lived when I was a child and teenager.

I have radical faith. Somehow I have always felt an intimate relationship to the Origin of Life. Although my perceptions of what the Divine is have evolved over time, I’ve never doubted the existence of a God, or that I am held by God, for one single moment of my life. I know that makes me an unusual human and likely explains my capacity for emotional bravery. I know I can’t be broken.

I grew up Baptist and Pentecostal Christian. I experienced my first ecstatic states in the church as a teenager, “slain in the Spirit” the holy-rollers call it. Those experiences awoke a deep hunger in me for unitive experience. In college I recognized that there was more to the Divine than Christianity’s particular point of view. I studied comparative religions, consciousness and quantum physics. I actively explored Paganism and New Age spiritualities. I experienced ecstatic and highly erotic states in solitary ritual, through mind altering substances, and through my initial explorations into sex, body modification, power exchange and physical masochism.

I am a Radical Mystic because I explore my love for the Origin of Life through extreme, non-traditional experiences in ritual, altered states, sex, kink and relationship (both individual and collective).

I am turned on by God and by the process of conscious evolution in myself and others. My relationship to the Divine and to the evolutionary process is deeply erotic.

There is an underlying force, a sort of all-consuming hunger that compels me toward continual transformation as I deepen into intimate relationship with the Divine as Everything. I now believe everything in existence is infused with the God of Life, including you and me; thus I seek to connect with this Divinity in everyone I encounter and love. I believe approaching life and relationship this way will help me be the most loving and compassionate person I’m capable of being.

I believe we all have a Divine Spark – a piece of God that shines from within us and manifests in our quirky combination of light and shadow, gifts and neuroses.

I live my life as a mystical and therapeutic process, using direct experience, psychology, and spiritual teachings and practice to transform myself from within – to shine the light into my shadows, heal my past wounding and discover still deeper capacities for love and compassion. I strive to express my Divinity as clearly as possible through a loving expression of my unique combination of gifts (creative generosity, empathy, emotional bravery and creative generosity) and neuroses (emotional intensity and masochism).


At this stage of my life, radical mysticism looks like reuniting with my chosen family in Portland, OR – a family comprised of myself, my fiance and father of our magical 1 year old baby, the two Mamas who legally adopted our magical baby, my 18 year old daughter, and a dear friend/ platonic-heart-partner to us all. We are a radical family experiencing a radical kind of love.

Our little tribe and the changes/challenges facing humanity now and in the near future inspire me towards deeper community building in my new city. I am worried about what is happening with our food, our governments, and our planet. I believe intentional community is the only chance at survival. I hope to work with others to build local, intentionally interdependent communities where neighbors within walking/biking distance can support one another with shared food and resources, shared parenting, and shared responsibility for those who cannot function alone. Communities can then network with one another to broaden the reach of shared resources within a city/county type area. The benefits of this kind of living are too numerous to name, but I’ll be exploring them in this blog in addition to our story as a family.

People keep saying that I should share my/our story. This blog, started one week after our son’s first birthday, will document my perspective of our experiences as a family, and as a growing community, both past and present.

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