Making Friends With My New City

I’ve startwhiteroseed feeling restless as I live life in Portland without work to keep me busy. Helping with the baby and job hunting/applying certainly gives me purpose every day, but I have too much free time and not enough motivation to leave the house. So I’m resuming The Conspiracy of Blessings after a 6 year hiatus in order to make friends with my city in a way that suits me. For now I am planning visits to art galleries and parks, places I can explore the city without cost. I’ll leave behind love notes everywhere I go. The project will naturally evolve and I’ll use the Facebook page to document how my relationship to the City of Roses blossoms.

Sidenote – Roses have been one of my talismans since I was a teenager. I feel magic in the serendipity of moving to a city known for it’s roses.

I’m part of a Facebook group that talks about superpowers and owning our Bigness and I’m feeling that the more I practice my own Bigness and use my superpower (creative generosity), the more I will draw resonant opportunities to myself in work, friendships and community engagement. I’ve been hiding in my bedroom because I am both scared and excited at leaping into new relationships and responsibilities. I feel as though this new life is calling me to grow into deeper intention and consciousness. I’m being called to up my game in every way, which feels amazing and makes me want to hide under my pink fuzzy blanket.

I know it’s time to stretch, feel out my new environment and discover where I belong. This is my new home, my new community. We need to get to know each other.

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