Day 4 {A Day Late}: What Do You Long To Say With Your Life?

“What do you long to say with your life?”asks by Patti Digh.

I long to say that women’s stories need to be heard, playful girls and raucus teenagers, young mothers and wise teachers.

I long to say that women’s bodies need to be respected rather than raped in the bedroom, in the street, in the doctor’s office, in Congress.

I long to say that women’s emotions are powerful. It is our deep passionate love, our empathy, our desires for our Earth, for our children, for our lovers, for the struggling, for the suffering that lead to our great acts of kindness and service.

I long to say that holding people is one of the most important things we can do. Whether through touch, something most of us are starved for, or through holding space for each others stories, providing witness for the great emotional adventure that each of us are living, it is in holding each other that we experience the deepest connections.

I long to say that we all belong to each other.

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