Day 8: Shifting Visions of Work

I wrote a few weeks back about a job opportunity that looked like a dream come true. It turns out that while the packaging was sparkly and appealing, the core was not coherent with the packaging. I was not treated well or with the values that they espoused. They brought me into an experiment without my knowledge and held me to expectations that were never communicated. It was not a good fit for either of us.

I am back to the resume hamster wheel, getting 10-15 applications out a week for non-profit and education jobs. I’m getting a decent return on my investment. I had two first interviews last week and found out I moved on to a second interview this week. Due to the responses I’ve received and my progress through multiple pipelines, I know that I have a solid resume and cover letter and that I interview well. It really is just a matter of fit. The Universe has had my back with every job search so far; I trust that it has my back this time, too.

What’s interesting is my expanding view of meaningful work. My most recent interviews are for positions to teach young people office administration skills with Jobcorps and a national operations manager for a nonprofit in education, including leading the cohort of state operations managers. I have a second interview for the operations gig. I dig their mission and I like the idea of growing into a higher profile nonprofit with national reach.

I never anticipated the wide range of possibilities both in service providers and position responsibilities for the diverse skills that I have. I can fill an operations, office management, project management and/or HR function in just about any non-technical organization. I’ve applied to work to support the Make A Wish Foundation, families fighting cancer and people with physical and/or mental disabilities; multiple universities and charter schools; and healthcare organizations. I could find the work meaningful in any of those environments as long as the culture and leadership are healthy.

But I’m starting to think about more than just meaning. I’m really starting to think about the trajectory of my career and where I might be headed. I’m starting to think about growing my career as a community leader. I’ve been a slow trajectory from administrative support to management. I hope to have another 20 years of work in me. There is still so much potential I have yet to fulfill.

It’s exciting to be here after so many years having to choose work based on my children’s needs rather than my desires. It’s exciting to have choices and opportunities I could have never imagined on my own.

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