Intermission and Adaptation

I’m discovering that due to my physical limitations and prioritizing the energy I do have for family, I am not able to write every single day. I’ve written 10 days out of 15, so I met 2/3 of my goal for the first two weeks. I consider that a win. That’s 10 posts I didn’t have before, as well as the beginnings of a few more with ideas that I want to take the time and effort to explore without selling myself short for the sake of publishing something to meet a public goal.

I am highly adaptable. I am adapting my writing practice. I am changing my goal to 30 posts at the rate of 4 posts per week. That gives me freedom not to write some days and freedom to write extra on others. I am seeking to establish discipline that is kind and gentle rather than over-bearing and shaming. It feels more appropriate now that I understand why kind of limitations I am working with.

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