In All the Universe, Here is Where She Serves

A simple person leading a simple life
Knows true riches;
Living her purpose,
She’s not compelled to devise a
complicated and gaudy life.
At peace with her many facets,
She feels no need to wander about,
Searching for what’s inside.
At home with the secrets of life,
She practically ignores them
Preferring to take life as it comes.
Delighting in a kind of gesture,
A quiet moment with a friend,
She knows her sphere of influence
And fills it with light.
With the gates of heaven in her hands
She prefers to live and die right here;
For, in all the Universe,
Here is where she serves.

~Haven Trevino, from The Tao of Healing

I found this recently in my things. A friend and spiritual companion gave me this verse in a birthday card many years ago, because she felt it embodied me as a person. It was, and still is, a great compliment. I can think of other women in my life who this describes, both close friends and Facebook companions.

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