A New Home

11101211_10204738218788880_4724480382999700391_oI will no longer live with constant traffic noise and sirens on 82nd street or the pounding of three children’s running feet above my head. I will no longer see prostitutes and johns negotiating in our parking lot downstairs. (I hope) I will longer hear shouting and screaming from across the street on a too regular basis.

I will no longer live in this place that is far too much like the life I thought I left behind, where we were poor and surrounded by people who are struggling and suffering.

I will no longer feel like I’ve moved backward in my capacity and success in creating abundance.

I will no longer live on pause because of the limitations of this space.

I felt grief in leaving my last two homes – the quirky barn surrounded by redwoods and the precious home with the giant sun-room where we lived through the pregnancy, birth and and adoption.

But saying goodbye to this apartment only brings relief and excitement, so much joy I don’t care that my body hurts. I feel no stress today.

This apartment has been a space-holder rather than a place that feels like home. And for this Cancer-Moon Child, who needs a beautiful and comfy space to be home in the way a crab needs the fit and safety of its shell, it was hard to feel good and happy here. It is the love I share with my special family and the profound generosity of Jennefer​ and Jillian​ that sustained me through this uncomfortable, unsettled time.

We’ve been dreaming together for more than a year. While it took a bit longer than was comfortable, the Universe worked some pretty spectacular magic to give us a home that met nearly every aspect of our wish list on the first try.

Today our hopes and dreams become real.
Today we create Our Home, a place where all of us can thrive.

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