Returning to Magic to Find My Rapture of Aliveness

venice witch
My Kitchen Witch –                                       Hag Marionette from Venice

My journey to wholeness seems to be inviting my old kitchen witch ways back to the surface. I’m interacting with nature more deeply in every day life – fresh herbs nurtured in my garden and new spices explored in the kitchen (a spice shop claiming to be the most comprehensive in the NW is walking distance from home!). Fresh flowers on the altar. Talking to and touching my houseplants. Collecting and drying thousands of rose petals for something I haven’t identified yet but I can feel in my bones. Working with clay. Spending time with the creek. Burning dragon’s blood, frankincense and myrrh on the charcoal. Feeling a connectedness to the ground, the flame, the water, and the wind that I haven’t felt in many years. Following the tiny tugs of the heart. Recognizing synchronicity. And noticing how magical people are populating my online world, inspiring me to think about having our wedding rings made by a talisman creator, and to reflect on how rituals make life feel more connected and spacious and deep, which is why I think I desire so strongly to marry Eros this summer.

It keeps coming back to connected. Isn’t that what being a magical person is about? Being connected to the energies of the Universe on purpose. Finding our true place among the other beings we share our planet with both seen an unseen. Seeing patterns and energies within and between everything and using synergy to create more connection between ourselves and All That Is. 
I originally gave up many of my magical, intuitive, and healing ways when I started working 17 years ago. I’m not exactly sure why. It’s like something died inside of me when I realized I had to enter the game to survive. I felt less connected when 8 hours of my day were committed to something I didn’t believe in. I gave up the rest when I had a falling out with my last spiritual community in 2007. I kept the altar and the Tarot and that’s about it. Now I am feeling the call to open my heart to a new way of building connection through magic.
I need to find my way back to what is true about me and about the world.
I need to find my way back to trust, openness, and vulnerability.
I need to find my way back to my enchantment with the mystery and miracle of life.
I need to find my rapture of aliveness. 

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