It’s a Crowdfunding Community Adventure!

eros and psycheInstead of cancelling our wedding, we are going for a crowdfunded community adventure!

From our GoFundMe description:

We know we are not alone and that there is an invisible net of love that holds us from afar. We’re making ourselves vulnerable enough to trust it and see what happens.

It isn’t a fancy event we’re looking for, it’s a small community gathering around a fire. It’s words that speak our truth and our promise witnessed by loved ones. It’s Humboldt because that’s where our tribe is and where we fell in love. It’s bbq and beer. It’s stainless steel rings. It’s a nice pair of boots for Eros (that he needs anyway) and a pretty dress for April (that she’ll want to wear again). It’s a plane ticket for April’s son from wherever he lands this summer.  It’s celebration and connection with a little beauty thrown in.


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