What Wild Means to Me

A Wild Art Form has Appeared by Existentialmoose at DeviantArt
                A Wild Art Form has Appeared                                 by Existentialmoose at DeviantArt

Wild is the girl who used to wander the woods with imaginary friends, finding sanctuary from emotional abuse and addiction among the trees and in the water. The teen mom who escaped to the city every few months to be free with her friends, losing herself to the music at raves and adventuring through altered states of consciousness. The young witch who danced and sang by candlelight in ritual, the smoke of frankincense and myrrh circling her body, ecstatically connected to All That Is. The mountain woman who lived in a “barn” surrounded by redwoods on the side of a mountain and put an ax through her fingernail trying to chop up kindling for the wood stove to keep her daughter warm. The erotic party hostess who artfully created spaces for hundreds of community members to dance and play without the inhibitions of the “real world.”
And now, the magic maker coming back to life after many years of slumber. The daily burning of holy basil and rose as an offering to my ancestors and my creativity. Fingers in the soil of my little container garden; dahlias, begonias, jalepenos and herbs thriving with my care. The soft grey cat who lives on the downstairs porch that we’re going to adopt as soon as we get him to the vet. The community garden that grows at the end of our building, tended by a homeless man for many years. The ducks and geese that wander the fields and dive under the surface of the creek for food. The 50+ breeds of flowers that grow within blocks of my apartment building. And the crazy love and ravenous passion I have for my new husband. Five years together, including a trip to hell and back, and our connection vibrates with more magic than ever.

Wild means being open to what is real about life – the deep, holy, magical connection of everything to everything, the emotions that ebb and flow in this ridiculously beautiful and brutal experience of being human, the expression of all the quirkiness and craziness that makes each of us so fucking spectacular. Being wild is letting loose, letting go, being real in all that is natural to you – talking to the birds, howling at the moon, shaking your hips at the person watching you across the dance floor, growling as your lover brings you to the edge.

Being wild is Being, without all the trappings of insecurity, judgment, and shame.


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