Wild and Transgressive

Wild Woman by PlaviDemo at DeviantArt

There is a new fluttering inside of me,
a sparkle, a heat,
a resurfacing of magic and intuition,
a reawakening of eros,
an enlivening of the wild witchy
and transgressive soul
of my love, art, sex, and embodiment.
Something is transformed inside of me
after being stripped to the bone,
ripped from everything
that kept me small and hurt,
small and hurt,
trauma trauma trauma.
No more.
I am waking up,
for real this time.
No more illusions, delusions,
projections, pretensions,
blaming, shaming,
nor the pretty package
of spiritual bypassing.
I descended to Persephone’s underworld…
and the dark ripped me to shreds this time,
abandoning me with barely a wisp
of a will to live,
let alone love.
I hide in a cave,
sewing myself back together,
woman made of cracks and fissures,
bruises and scars,
held together by clay,
blood, and gold,
each shattering and mending
creating the paradox
of deeper wholeness.
I follow the light
of other dark dwellers
I listen to their songs,
I sit in their circles,
I spill my grief at their feet
as they hold me with their presence.
I remember how to make my own light,
to tend the flame
with candles and incense
(rose petals, holy basil, and myrrh),
the red glow of palo santo,
and the words I write
to guide myself home.
I am coming back to myself
and I am meeting myself for the first time.
Art: Wild Woman by PlaviDemo at DeviantArt

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