The Cave Has Served Its Purpose

I needed to see/hear this today. Maybe you do to.
The cave has served its function. The chrysalis is now a barrier to be cracked open so that I can thrive in the light of the sun again. I am not a hot gooey traumatized mess anymore. There are no excuses. It’s slow going, but each day I take tiny steps to release my wings and be vulnerable to the openness of the sky. Each day I am guided with messages from the Universe, like this one, telling me that Now Is The Time. I also threw down 6 Wands in an 11 card Tarot reading this morning. I couldn’t ask for a clearer sign that it’s time for my will to set my creative fire to burn again, perhaps bigger and brighter than it ever has before since I can give my all this time. <3
Hey you.
You’ve been sitting on the sidelines for way too long.
What ever excuse you decide to respond with the answer is and will always be,
So what?
You’ve failed. So what?
It’s too much of a mess. So what?
You don’t fit in. So the fuck what?
It’s not time to stay in the cave you’ve been hiding in.
The cave is comfortable, yes.
The cave knows your pain, absolutely.
The cave has helped you see things about yourself that you’ve never seen before. Right on.
The cave has served its purpose.
You’re done hiding in the cave.
It’s your time to come out and the cry of your audience says so.
Do the work.
Finish healing.
Stand on your truth.
Be brave.
Be courageous.
Believe in your magic.
What used to work no longer works.
You feel it. You know it.
The bullshit is over.
You’ve served your time.
It’s time to emerge.

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