Help Me Share Magic With Women In Grief

6055_1159057730163_117882_nI have an ask: I am inspired to put my magic art making skills to immediate use and gift the Transformation Talisman Dolls and Grace Hearts I make to women who are experiencing trauma triggers and deep grief right now. Making these dolls is a process of embedding healing and transformation for myself – I also call it sewing the fuck out of my feelings. Gifting them is a way that I can make an immediate difference in the world.

I made an investment over summer thinking I might try to turn this into part of my business. I already have all the materials I need to make lots of dolls and hearts, as well as envelopes and cards. I even have 8 dolls and 3 hearts ready to go. What I don’t have are the funds for postage. I am currently unemployed, which gives me lots of time for making but not enough cash for sending. Each package will cost $3-5, depending on where the receiver lives. I am asking for donations through Paypal at If you’d like to help me bring some love and magic into women’s lives, please consider sponsoring a package.

For the dolls and hearts – I am accepting requests through Facebook from women who need a light in the darkness. Or you can request for a woman you know that is going through a rough time.

About the Dolls

This is the magic of hands embedding love and the promise of transformation into art through the stitches of hand sewing. It’s a promise that the goo in the chrysalis will one day emerge a butterfly.

This is the magic of generations of silenced women who stitch(ed) their grief into blankets, clothes, wall hangings, and dolls. This is the strength and creativity of women who use(d) art and craft as an act of resilience in the face of abuse and violation.

This is the magic of the earth in the form of plants that support the transformation process: lavender (rebirth, calm, clarity, love, healing, grief, emotion), rose (beginnings, love, grace, trust, courage), mugwort (beginnings, community, guidance, release), willow (adaptability, beauty in weeping, beginnings, courage, grace, grief, healing, comfort, nurture), and frankincense (comfort, courage, dignity, healing, spiritual growth, rebirth, renewal).

This is alchemy – transforming the lead of grief and violation into the gold of healing and beauty. This is the magic of resilience. It’s a magic that resides in all of us, but sometimes we need to be reminded of what is possible, of the light that shines deep inside no matter how much the darkness storms and rages outside.

Every doll/heart is blessed before it leaves my home.

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