Art & Justice

By 8 a.m. on an extra day off I somehow cleaned the kitchen and contemplated what spirituality and spiritual practice might look like for me now that I no longer believe in a God, other than the god-between-us. My energy is coming back and it feels great. I contemplated what a theology of the god-between-us means and how spiritual practice looks through relationship. My marriage is definitely a spiritual practice. I also see my gift economy project as a practice, honoring that I am in relationship with all, even if I do not meet many humans face to face.

As part of my discovery process I turned to the Tarot. I read the Universal Tarot, which is a gorgeous deck that draws upon many of the religious histories of the world in its images and interpretations. What the cards led me to today is a spirituality based in Art and Justice, which honestly was a surprise and yet once discovered makes all the sense in the world. I was expecting something about relationship, community, etc. But Art and Justice are also two forces that move me and infuse my work in all of its forms. I can see how at this moment of my life, when working full time (supporting legal justice) and my health issues significantly limit actively building local friendships and community, that it makes more sense to focus on art and justice and how I can have impact through my creativity in the immediate, whether writing, sculpting, or making magical talismans for others (which does honor the god-between-us). It also gives me something to think about regarding a new concept art project that involves social justice.

This excites me and that’s what has been missing for me for a long while, a taste of the rapture of aliveness.

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