Returning to The Conspiracy of Blessings

I’ve been doing The Conspiracy of Blessings off and on since December 2016, so almost 11 years. It was inspired by Rob Brezsny‘s concept of pronoia – the idea that a benevolent universe is conspiring to shower us with blessings. While I don’t know if that is true any longer (I don’t know what I believe anymore), I know that I am capable of showering others with blessings, that doing so is good for my emotional and spiritual health, and that’s all that matters. I also recognized around that time that creative generosity is my thing. I am wired for giving – time, energy, art, whatever – which isn’t to say I’m any kind of special human, it’s just how I’m made.

The first blessings were beaded holiday ornaments, of which I had made an abundance for gifts that year. I had too many beautiful things to give away to people I knew, so I left them around my hometown to be discovered. Then I started an anonymous blog (that still exists for historical purposes) to track the project. It shifted from love bombing my local environment to sending packages of art blessings to people who needed some love in their lives. Now I do both as I am inspired.

The Transformation Dolls specifically came from many women reaching out because they were in deep transition with illnesses, divorces, career changes, etc. I wanted to contribute some transformational magic to their world. The Grace Hearts were added at some point, just because I love the symbology of hearts I guess.

Despite the times I’ve taken a hiatus, it is the most consistent creative and spiritual practice of my life. As I settle into having to work full-time for at least another 6 months (the next driver training/testing possibility for Eros is in the Fall), I am finding that this is the creative project I can commit to with my limited spoons. Hand sewing can be done in bed while watching tv. I am also interested in returning to exploring gift economy and other forms of anti-capitalist activism. So expect to see more from and about this project in the coming weeks.

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