Introducing My New Business: Community Stewardship Consultation

Eclipses are said to be a powerful time for transformation and this eclipse in Leo gives us an opportunity to shine our lights more brightly. The eclipse is in my house of work and everything in my life the past few months (years) has been directing me toward a transformation in my work life. Today, after weeks of resistance, I am embracing the shift and using the magic of the eclipse to officially launch my new business as a Community Stewardship Consultant.

And you’re likely wondering what that means exactly.

For the past year I worked for feminist entrepreneur Kelly Diels as a Community Steward for the Facebook group she founded, We Are the Culture Makers. She paid me to spend five hours a week welcoming new members, reading every post and comment, supporting community members in their endeavors, moderating challenging conversations, and addressing guideline violations. It was a steep learning curve to figure out how to apply my knowledge of nurturing in-person community to online groups – especially a group that took on challenging topics like feminism, racism, and other forms of oppression.

The truth is I didn’t even consider my research and experience in community building could be the foundation of a business in consulting on community. Kelly asked me to work for her based on what she heard me share about leading the Vibes Crew for The Impropriety Society™ (the sex-positive organization I co-led for 5 years). I was a one-person Vibes Crew for her community.  Then in a meeting earlier this summer she told me she believed I could turn this into a business and be a Community Stewardship Consultatnt to other entrepreneurs and thought leaders. So I am offering one-off 90 minute strategy consultations on all aspects of community building. I will apply my anti-oppression commitments, radical inclusion practices, and decades of in-person community facilitation experience to consult on gatherings of all kinds both online and in person. 

I am thrilled to be putting out my shingle to do this work. I have been wrestling with this possibility for years, but in hindsight I can see how I wasn’t ready until now. I have emerged from the dark cloud of grief that hung over my head for 4+ years. I have three years of deep research into community and belonging to add to my years of community leadership experience. I have a growing community of people who believe in me, my abilities, and my visions for what is possible. And every message from the Universe is telling me now is the time to shine my light and bring this work into the world. 

So here I am introducing my new business: Community Stewardship Consultation – Building Belonging thru Radical Inclusion.  Thank you for your witness on this special day.   

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