100 Transgressive Stories

I am going to participate in #the100dayproject on Instagram (@transgressivewoman) and decided to try 100 Stories of Transgression in order to build up content to work from for the larger project I’m developing. Transgressive Woman is about living in active resistance to the cultural narrative regarding all aspects of a woman’s life; as well as a view of life on the margins that will not sensationalize, nor look away from what is real. Part of this project’s transgressive nature is being developed and drafted in public with the potentials of imperfection and getting something wrong or being inconsistent or whatever. In a way it’s really about being a real, complex, messy woman/human shaping my own story and asking to be seen as such.

I sat down to write a list of potential stories to be certain I could meet the goal and I’ve already come up with 86 instances of breaking somebody’s rules about propriety, sex and relationship, mothering, money, appearance, health, success, and more. Some may be a few sentences and some will be the first draft of personal essays. Some may even be video. I need the creative challenge and think/hope it will be fun.

Photo: me being tied into a rope harness at a play party in 2010, pink fuzzy slippers and all.

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