22nd Story of Transgression: I Love Sex

I love this photo of me because you can see it in my eyes and the way I am biting my lower lip. I’ve loved sexual pleasure since my fingers figured out what my clit could do at age 10. No matter what violations happened to me, this love for my own sexual being and sexual expression never faltered. Every time I learned something new about my sexuality – queer, kinky, and polyamorous – I became more free.

It isn’t just about having sex for me, it’s about celebrating and experiencing human sexual expression the same way I celebrate and experience art or music. I delight in erotic art, stories, and events. Especially events.

I’ve hosted/been to small private play parties where we made a person’s fantasy come true, like being an ice cream sundae. We covered her in ice cream and toppings and ate it off her skin. It was so much fun! No one had sex that night. We just enjoyed a highly sensual experience together.

I’ve also been to (and produced) large parties where I could revel in witnessing hundreds of beautiful humans experience their sexual freedom, whatever that meant for them. It is a very powerful space to be in.

I dont believe sex is something to be ashamed of or to hide away. It is a beautiful expression of our humanness, the creative and vulnerable ways we connect with one another. It brings me joy to see people being themselves freely, to give in to their deepest capacity for ecstasy. I am fascinated rather than repulsed by the extreme ways people experience pleasure because it’s so real, there is no space for pretense. Whether it’s a Furry wearing a suit that expresses their animal nature or a bottom who takes a wicked flogging on the cross, I see the raw and strange glory of our humanness.

Sexual repression and oppression are rampant in our culture, especially in regards to anyone who isn’t a straight, cis gendered, monogamous, and vanilla man. Expressing our sexual freedom is a vulnerable rebellion, but necessary for overthrowing the puritanical fundamentalism that has held us captive inside ourselves for centuries. I am public about my sex positivity as an act of resistance.


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