34th Story of Transgression: I Believe in Radical Inclusion

What is radical inclusion? It is actively including all of yourself and all of other people in relationship. It means that beyond the boundary of no harm, I strive to honor the dignity and complex humanness in myself and every person I meet. I strive to have no judgment and to accept whatever is real in the moment for me and the people I am relating to. This is why I am able to tell my transgressive stories so easily, I accept what is real about myself and my life. It is the same with others. I accept what is real about you.

What does radical inclusion look like in practice? It looks like having a diversity of friends and lovers my entire life – white, BIPOC, men, women, straight, queer, cis, trans, nonbinary, able bodied and/or minded, mentally and/or physically disabled, neurodiverse, sex positive, asexual, polyamorous, monogamous, liberal, conservative, spiritual, atheist, sober, addicted, old, young, etc. It means that I don’t exclude people from relationship or community based on a single aspect of their identity because human beings are infinitely complex. It means I actively look for something to like or connect to in a person. It means I talk to any person who talks to me on the bus or in the bar. It means I acknowledge and relate to the people on the street that are invisible to most. It means that if I have resources available, from shelter to money, I will share them with you.

It also means that you could tell me anything and I will hold space for you and your story. If I can’t easily empathize, I will try to understand you and the choices you’ve made. And if I can’t understand, I will still accept you. It means that if you cause harm to me or others, I will practice transformative justice if at all possible (but you have to be willing to do the work).

Radical inclusion means my default is to include, to love, and to see beauty in humans, even if they are very different from me. Every human has a story and every human has a gift for the community if we are willing to pay attention.

For more see the Agreements for Radical Inclusion.

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