36th Story of Transgression: I am a Witch and Touch Healer

When I left Pentecostal Christianity in my early 20s I met two women, my first and second girlfriends, who would teach me about Wicca, Tarot, energy, and magic.

Sidenote – my mom once brought over two friends from church when I wasn’t home to pray over my apartment and cast out any demons I invited by using Tarot cards so that my children wouldn’t become possessed. True story.

As a god-girl who needed a new way of relating to the divine, I quickly dove into deeper study and became a solitary practitioner of Witchcraft. That was also when I started working with plant medicine. I didn’t have access to live plants then, I relied on the local herb store to build my apothecary. I made a variety of effective medicines for my neighbors and friends.

It was around this time that I discovered that I was/am a born touch healer. I believe all humans could work with energy if they learned, but this started happening without my conscious awareness. I loved to give massages to lovers and received feedback that people were feeling more than just muscle relaxation. I was moving energy and finding ailments by intuition. So I started developing the skill.

Our rational culture wants us to believe these things aren’t possible (magic is fiction), or if they are you have to be a trained expert (Reiki Mastery was being sold for thousands of $ then). My experience tells me energy awareness is a natural, not supernatural, part of life. We just need to relearn it.

I am now reclaiming my gifts/skills as a plant witch and magic worker. I haven’t done touch healing in many years, but I have been thinking about it lately. I have insecurities about failing at it. What is most interesting to me is that I stopped doing these things when I began working full-time, and now that I no longer work I am picking them up again. It was like working a job to survive buried my magic. I am so grateful it resurfaced.


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