Body of Work

My body of work spans the areas of Creativity, Leadership, Community Building, Non-profit & Human Service Administration, Event Planning & Management, Human Resources, Finance, and a self directed education in this being human. I am not a trained therapist. I am a self directed scholar. I am a self aware  woman who overcame a highly traumatic childhood, Complex PTSD, poverty, single mothering, sexual assault, and other obstacles to wholeness by engaging life with intention. Because I could not find mental health or spiritual practitioners who would honor my active participation in my healing process, and because I did not want my life experience to be pathologized, I became my own therapist, guru, and healer through intense study and work on my behaviors in relationship to others. Kink and polyamory became tools for facing my fears, owning my consent, and building healthy boundaries.

I can hold space for those who are navigating intense emotional transitions because I have been there over and over again and I always find my way to the light. My greatest gift is turning difficulty into beauty and meaning. My greatest desire is to support others in doing so.

I was a change manager in all of my professional and volunteer positions. Over 15 years of professional and volunteer service, I learned that most people don’t realize that the chaos of change can be managed if intention is brought to both the business and human elements of the transition before it takes place. Change does not have to be chaotic or cause suffering.

1000s of hours of study (books, classes, & hands on) in Mythology, Archetypes, Psychology, Emotion, Empathy, Grief, Trauma, Resilience, Post Traumatic Growth, Sexuality (including Consent, BDSM & Polyamory), Love & Relationship, Self Development, Women’s Studies, Spirituality, Religious Studies, Mysticism, The Sacred Arts, Magic, Divination, Intuition, Modes of Healing, Sociology, Community Building, Psychology of Community, Inclusion, Belonging, Leadership, Consciousness, Brain Science, Gift Economy, Writing, and more.

Leadership & Community Building

The Impropriety Society – Producer & Hostess for an all volunteer organization producing sex positive events and educational opportunities. Leader of the Vibes crew, whose job it was to welcome and include. (5 years)

Humboldt Pride – Co-Chair, Board of Directors for local organization producing the annual Pride event and other activities, including production of The Laramie Project. (2 years)

Trumpet Behavioral Health – Support Services Manager (Operations & HR Management) for Behavioral Health Clinic for Children with Special Needs. As the nexus of the department’s operations, it was my responsibility to manage growth and change as effectively as possible for our 130 families and 100 clinical staff in two locations. (4.5 years)

EWOC: Education, Work, Opportunity, Community – Director & Instructor for Welfare-to-Work Job Training Center. Created a soft-skills curriculum to support my students in managing the shift from poverty consciousness to being productive members of the community. (1.5 years)

SHARP House – Co-Founder and Director of Children’s Services for a home for teen mothers and their children. (1.5   years)

Non-profit & Human Services – HR, Operations, Finance, & Technology

Oregon Law Center (current) – Finance and HR Specialist for an organization that provides legal aid to low income community member across the state of Oregon.

Camp Fire USA & Discovery Museum – Administrative Director/Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors/Full Charge Bookkeeper – Youth organization providing a variety of education and recreational programs. I managed the administrative and fiscal aspects of the merge of the two organizations. (3 years)

Changing Tides Family Services – Respite Services Specialist – Serving families with children who have special needs. (1 year)

Area Agency on Aging – Executive Assistant to all Directors, Board of Directors, Advisory Council – Serving elders through a variety of services. (2 years)

Open Door Community Health Centers – HR Generalist, Executive Assistant to Directors and Board – Primary health and dental care provider for people who live in poverty in Humboldt County, CA. (2 years)

Macdonald Center – Office Manager and Bookkeeper – Organization that serves the downtown population of single resident occupancy buildings by providing community, spiritual, and social services. (1.25 years)


The Yoni Endeavor: Sculpture, Digital Art & Blog – Over 100 sculptures crafted and sold, digital images used for a variety of purposes including productions of the Vagina Monologues in London and an education pamphlet for sex workers in Brazil. (5 years)

The Conspiracy of Blessings: Multi-media Art, Interactive Gift Economy Experiment, Blog – a project through which I love bomb my city and gift “art blessings” to people who have requested them for themselves or others in times of transition. (intermittent since 2006)

The Impropriety Society: Art Director – designed marketing materials and created original art for events. (5 years)

Published: Poetry, Essays, Local Newpaper Column on Parenting, Lyrics for Choral Arrangement

Graphic & Web Design: I created everything from annual reports to event programs to newsletters for all of the organizations I worked and volunteered for.

Formal Education

Bachelors of Art in Secondary Education, English and Theater At Humboldt State University
Equivalent to minors in Religious Studies and Theater Production
1 year Props Mistress
Tutor and Creative Writing Teacher for At Risk Youth
Volunteer and magazine contributor for the HSU Women’s Center
Extracurricular focus on Sculpture