I have written poems and prose over the course of my life and share a selection of my most beloved work.

The Conspiracy of Blessings, is an anti-capitalist, gift economy art project through which I send handmade talismanic dolls and other artful blessings to women in my online communities and to people who request a package for themselves or others.

I am having Conversations about Community with anyone who is willing to talk about their experiences with community, both successes and breakdowns, as part of my writing research.

Former projects included The Impropriety Society, as co-hostess and art director for sex positive events; and The Yoni Endeavor, an 8 year vulva sculpture and digital painting project that involved local art shows, sculptures sold to people across the world, and digital images used for events like a Vagina Monologues production in London and a sexworker health booklet in Brazil.