100 Stories of Transgression

Transgressive – Involving a violation of accepted or imposed religious and/or social rules. Relating to art or literature in which orthodox moral, social, and artistic boundaries are challenged by the representation of unconventional behaviour and the use of experimental forms.

Part 1 of the Transgressive Woman project is the 100 Stories of Transgression. I am working to write 100 stories about ways I transgress cultural and religious conventions by choice and circumstance. This project is part memoir, part manifesto, and part conceptual art project.

Transgressive Woman is about living in active resistance to the cultural narrative regarding all aspects of a woman’s life; as well as a view of life on the margins that will not sensationalize, nor look away from what is real. Part of this project’s transgressive nature is being developed and drafted in public with the potentials of imperfection or getting something wrong or being inconsistent. I am a real, complex, messy woman/human shaping my own story and asking to be seen as such.

1 – I Live with Chronic Illness

2 – Loving a Violent Criminal

3 – Poverty is Transgression (Or Fashion Doesn’t Exist When You’re Poor)

4 – I was Born a Bastard

5 – Discovering My Clit

6 – I am a Submissive Masochist

7 – My Mom Believed Playing Rizzo Ruined Me for Life

8 – I Could be a Bearded Lady

9 – I am a Prophet for Pain

10 – I have Always Liked Myself

11 – I was Born a Female in Patriarchy

12 – I am Queer

13 – I Love Transgressive Artists

14 – I Wear My Heart on My Sleeve

15 – I am a Birth Mother

16 – I am She Who is Never Not Broken

17 – I Raised Two Queer Children

18 – I Dwell in Vulnerability

19 – I Took 5 Years to Process Birth Mother Grief

20 – I was a Teen Mother

A Reflection: I am Complicit in My Stories

21 – I had My First Consensual Sexual Encouter at 14

22 – I Love Sex

23 – I was Molested by a Family Friend

24 – I was a Sex Positive Party Producer

25 – I Turned My Back on Christianity

26 – I am a Slut

27 – I was a Reluctant Mother

28 – My Family’s Legacy was Abuse & Trauma

29 – I Co-Founded a Home for Teen Mothers when I was 19

30 – I Lived with Mental Illness

A Reflection at 30 Stories

31 – My Stepdad was a Tramp and Shaped Me as a Wild Woman

32 – I Honor the Sovereignty of All Humans (Or I Honor Suicide as a Choice)

33 -I Live from My Bed

34 – I Believe in Radical Inclusion

35 – I am a Misfit Because I am a Trauma Survivor

36 – I am a Witch and Touch Healer

37 – I Make Transgressive Art

38 – I am an Intellectual Woman…Who Chooses the Heart Path

39 – I am Comfortable Being Fat and Naked in Public

40 – I am a Fighter

41 – I am My Own Savior

42 – I am a Mystic Devoted to the God Between Us

43 – I Oppose Commodification of Spiritual Community in Witchcraft and Other Traditions

44 – I Allowed a Narcissist-Sadist to Control My Mind

45 – I No Longer Believe in Capitalism’s Story about Purpose

46 – I was Raised by Addict Parents