“A blessing is not the function of a particular role. It is the natural expression of the fiery love and inclusiveness of our inner spirit. It is the manifestation of a soulfire, and each of us can be its hearth. To bless us is not the prerogative only of ministers, priests, and rabbis; it is not the exclusive domain of saints and holy people. It is a natural human ability, and anyone can do it.” David Spangler

The Conspiracy of Blessings is an anti-capitalist gift economy art project that I started in December 2006 by love bombing my hometown with homemade holiday ornaments. I was inspired by Rob Brezny’s concept of pronoia – that a benevolent universe is conspiring to shower us with blessings. Documentation began as an anonymous blog. The project has existed off and on in various iterations since.

Transformation Doll

Creative blessings may look like love-bombing my city with friendly cards and You Are Beautiful stickers, or sending art blessing packages out to people – packages for people who’ve requested them for themselves and others, as well as gratitude packages to people who’ve touched my heart in a special way. In the recent past packages included a Transformation Doll or Grace Heart with a card and inspirational poems printed with beautiful images or on pretty paper.

I created a Facebook page as a way for recipients to interact with the project and share their experiences with finding and receiving these gifts. I also share resources regarding generosity, gift economies, community building, etc.

Grace Heart

I make and share these blessings because I believe a better world is possible, a world where we build each other up & care for each other in small and tender ways. I believe in community & creating a sense of belonging for EVERYONE. I believe in transforming pain & suffering into something beautiful & meaningful.

I do this because I am an empath who feels the world’s pain in deep & profound ways. I am an artist who uses my empathy as a catalyst for transmuting pain into beauty & suffering into tenderness. As I recently phrased it in an especially heart-achey time, sometimes that means that I sew the fuck out of my feelings.

If you are interested in receiving a package or would like to have me gift someone you care about, please message me through the Facebook page.