Flower Magic & Medicine from the
Crystal Springs Creek Watershed in Portland, Oregon

Organic       Wild Grown       Hand Crafted       Tiny Batch       Intuitively Blended

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My Story: Since early Spring 2018 I have been harvesting 25+ different medicinal and magical plants from an abandoned community garden adjacent to the property where I live. This magical and abundant little garden resides alongside and is watered by Crystal Springs Creek, a protected watershed habitat in the midst of the city. My creek-based neighbors include nutrios, salmon, crawdads, and several sorts of ducks. I began spending time in the garden and collecting flowers for my own healing, but soon realized the garden was producing enough flower and plant medicine to share with my community through tinctures, teas, skin balms, burn bundles, incenses, candle magic, infused culinary oils and salts, and more.

The garden and its medicine have returned me to myself. On January 1st of this year I committed to following the song of my soul and this is one of the places it led me. I was an intuitive kitchen witch 20 years ago, providing effective remedies for friends and family. I studied and practiced for a few years before I had to enter the workforce, which somehow repressed that part of my spirit. Now I am out of the workforce due to disability and returning to plant medicine feels like coming home. I combine learned knowledge with intuition to create blends that are both medicinal and magical. I strive to work with the plants to support all aspects of our humanity – body, mind, heart, and soul. We are under-nourished in all ways by the dominant culture. Part of my medicine is to support our emotional and spiritual evolution through relationship with our plant friends.

I spend a lot of time nurturing a relationship with these plants, from harvesting and air drying in my home, to drinking daily infusions, as well as using other forms of medicine preparation. It is this relationship that informs my intuitive choices for custom blends. All items are then blessed with elemental magic before shipping.

This is a simple one woman project. All aspects of production are done by me with a focus on sharing medicine with my community. The few ingredients I use that do not come from the garden are certified organic and from local sources if at all possible.

Feedback, questions, or concerns? Please reach out to me at aprilcherimagic @ gmail.com or by direct message on Instagram or on Facebook Messenger.