Intuitive Guidance

I offer intuitive guidance using the Tarot as a foundation for our conversation. I also bring my gifts as an empath (perception of other people’s emotional bodies) and clairsentient (clear knowing). I am particular adept at holding space for people in times of transition and for relationship challenges. 

I think of myself as a guide because a guide has traversed the passage several times and can hold space for a fellow traveler to explore, experiment, adventure, fall down, problem solve, discover their resources and figure out what to avoid. A guide can help a person understand what tools exist and how to use the ones that are appropriate for the journey. This fits because I’ve been on the spiritual, self, and relationship development journey for 30 years.

In our sessions, whether by email or face to face, I strive to provide an invitation to refuge. A safe harbor in which to rest. A shelter to sit through the storms of change. A place to begin stitching yourself back together after shattering. A retreat from a culture that demands we process our confusion, grief, rage, and betrayals behind closed doors, isolated from the connection we need most. And a loving reflection of your light. I believe that is the greatest gift I can offer, mirroring your light so that you can see the resources within yourself.

Refuge is a gentle opportunity to process your feelings about big change, to discover your resources, and to find your knowing. Refuge is the place to build your resilience. Refuge is a place to heal and to honor that you are your own healer. While others may offer witness, validation, and guidance on the journey, you are the only one who can transform your heartache into meaning. You are the only one who can sew yourself back together. You are the only one who can find the patterns in your stories and your scars that make up the you that goes beyond surviving to thriving. I simply provide a mirror for you to see yourself and your situation with more clarity.

I am trauma informed by experience and training. I am social justice oriented and prioritize safe space and accessibility for marginalized folk. I advocate for shadow work so that your darkness does not take hold of your life (or to loosen its existing hold). I also advocate for transformative justice principles in conflict.

My tools as a guide include mindfulness, intuition, Tarot, magic, ritual, art, writing, archetypes, psychology, shadow work, a wide variety of spiritual teachings and practices, as well as 25 years of hard won experience navigating significant transitions for myself, individuals, communities, and organizations. I may include personal experiences in readings as description of ways I can empathize with you and ways I’ve navigated similar terrain. I invite vulnerability by being vulnerable rather than impersonal. 

I primarily use the Slow Holler Tarot and the Universal Tarot by Maxwell Miller, as well as the Archetype Cards by Caroline Myss.
I choose reading layouts based on the nature of the inquiry.


“The tarot reading I received from April was so transformative. Her words and intuitive insights have given me a powerful sense of hope and the courage to step back into myself. The way April weaves the naming of truths with gentleness is so beautiful. It is as if she held my hand throughout the entire reading. The insights were so accurate and the reading was full of invitations of different paths I could explore to embody the messages that came through. I would highly recommend April for anyone who is longing to get to the heart of a matter and then gently find a way forward.” Christina H.

“It felt like you were holding me and giving me strength, as well as permission to heal some recent wounds.” Kim W.

“Your reading is spot on and affirmed things I already knew in my soul…I really appreciated this and {the reading} brought up many good, crunchy things for me. I appreciate your energy and how you responded, strong and kind, vulnerable but mindful. Thanks for sharing some of your magic with me.” Jennica S.


I charge $1/minute for my time, whether providing a session
by email or video call. I do this because I believe this is a fair wage
for everyone, I believe in accessibility for working class folk,
and I operate outside the capitalistic idea of charging
ever increasing prices for my gifts. I am also open to barter,
either minute for minute in service or by price equivalency for products.

You let me know what you are seeking, which method you prefer,
and what your offer is and we can negotiate how to meet your need. 

Possible Options: 1 Card Reading ~ $10-15/minutes
3 Card Reading ~ $25/minutes
4 card Relating Reading ~ $30+/minutes
In Depth Reading ~ $60-90/Minutes; Etc.

Use the contact form below to initiate a conversation with me.