My lineage includes the teachings of:

bell hooks – critical consciousness, racism, feminism, education, love and community

adrienne maree brown – emergent strategy, liberated relationship, & transformative justice

Audre Lorde – racism, intersectional oppression, and social justice

Octavia Butler – philosophy of change and visions of the future

William Ury – transformative justice, mediation, The Third Side

Peter Block and Paul Born– community building

M Scott Peck, MD – self awareness & psychology of community

Christina Baldwin and Anne Linnea – circles

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Beloved Community

Parker Palmer – belonging & circles of trust

Starhawk – community building and collaborative leadership

John Welwood – psycho-spirituality and relationship as spiritual practice

Andrew Solomon  – identity and inclusion

Leo Buscaglia – Love

Frances Weller – grief and ritual

Heather Plett – holding space and circles

Sarah Schulman – conflict is not abuse

Carl Jung – self awareness, shadow work and archetypes

Caroline Myss – self awareness, shadow work & archetypes

Charles Eisenstein – sacred economics and gift economy

Lewis Hyde – gift economy