My spiritual/social justice/community building/healing lineage includes the teachings of the following people:

bell hooks – critical consciousness, racism, feminism, education, love and community

adrienne maree brown – emergent strategy, liberated relationship, & transformative justice

Audre Lorde – racism, intersectional oppression, and social justice

Octavia Butler – philosophy of change and visions of the future

Sarah Schulman – conflict is not abuse

Starhawk – community building, collaborative leadership, sacred activism & Witchcraft

Sera Beak – feminine and rebel spirituality

Christina Baldwin and Anne Linnea – circles, self awareness

Heather Plett – holding space and circles

Caroline Myss – self awareness, shadow work & archetypes

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Beloved Community

Leo Buscaglia – Love

Andrew Harvey – queer and feminine mysticism, sacred activism

Andrew Solomon  – identity and inclusion

William Ury – transformative justice, mediation, The Third Side

Charles Eisenstein – sacred economics and gift economy

Lewis Hyde – gift economy

St. John of the Cross – the dark night of the soul

Thomas Moore – the soul

Peter Block and Paul Born– community building

M Scott Peck, MD – self awareness & psychology of community

Parker Palmer – belonging & circles of trust

John Welwood – psycho-spirituality and relationship as spiritual practice

Frances Weller – grief and ritual

Carl Jung – self awareness, shadow work and archetypes

Hamish Sinclair and the Alive Program for reducing violence and nurturing intimacy in relationships and conflict (utilized in kink and poly communities in the San Francisco Bay area). We adapted his program to a transformational justice process that healed the fracture in our adoption triad where mutual harm had been caused.

Jesus – Although I no longer consider myself a Christian, Jesus is still my favorite spiritual teacher among the world’s religions. He was radically inclusive in his relationships, he spoke against spiritual corruption, and based on the gospels released in the 20th century, he taught that we are all made of the divine. I believe he would be horrified to know what politicians, violent pro-lifers, and mega-church pastors do and say in his name.