Transformation Talismans

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I create Spirit Dolls as a Transformation Talisman for your journey.

This is the magic of hands embedding love and the promise of transformation into art through the stitches of hand sewing. It’s a promise that the goo in the chrysalis will one day emerge a butterfly.

This is the magic of generations of silenced women who stitch(ed) their grief into blankets, clothes, wall hangings, and dolls. This is the strength and creativity of women who use(d) art and craft as an act of resilience in the face of abuse and violation.

This is the magic of the earth in the form of plants that support the transformation process:  lavender (rebirth, calm, clarity, love, healing, grief, emotion), rose (beginnings, love, grace, trust, courage), mugwort (beginnings, community, guidance, release), willow (adaptability, beauty in weeping, beginnings, courage, grace, grief, healing, comfort, nurture), and frankincense (comfort, courage, dignity, healing, spiritual growth, rebirth, renewal).

This is alchemy – transforming the lead of grief and violation into the gold of healing and beauty. This is the magic of resilience. It’s a magic that resides in all of us, but sometimes we need to be reminded of what is possible, of the light that shines deep inside no matter how much the darkness storms and rages outside.

Each doll is hand sewn with hundreds of stitches of sacred intention, literally embedding my own transformative process into the materials. Then it is stuffed with sacred herbs and embellished with beads, yarn, and other objects. The herbs and embellishments are magical aspects that have energies related to supporting life transitions and are chosen by intuition. You can either purchase an existing doll or request a custom shape, color, and/or intention.

Every doll is blessed before it leaves my home.

My hope is that the doll will support your inherent magic, and that you will feel the love & magic that infuses it. I trust that you will take that love and magic into the world in your own tender way.


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