Building belonging.
Tending, nurturing, and facilitating community.
Creating radically inclusive and safe-to-be-brave spaces – especially online.
This is our work, together.

I provide Community Facilitation Strategy Sessions to consult with leaders, activists, and entrepreneurs
who are managing and growing communities in person and online. 

I apply my in-depth research into community and belonging, my radical inclusion practices, and my decades of in-person community nurturing experience to consult on short and long term gatherings of all kinds.

Community building requires a concept of the leader who creates experiences for others –
experiences that in themselves are examples of our desired future.” Peter Block

Community stewardship and radical inclusion have always been my work, in person, and I noticed in recent years that these skills are also needed in online groups. It is new territory for members and leaders — and one that often presents problems for activists and entrepreneurs trying to steer these communities.

Communities often rapidly assemble around ambitious, inspirational, truth-telling and conscious activists and entrepreneurs.
This is both a blessing and a curse.

The responsibilities and time-demands of leadership can swamp a person — and if you’re not coming from a facilitation or community development background, you might feel like you’re  not equipped to guide the very group you created.

Not a lot of trainings or coaching services are available teaching us how to steward and lead online groups. But I know, intimately, from a decade of non-profit work and in-person community-building experience what some of the solutions are.

So in the last year I’ve translated my decades of facilitation experience into a new medium: digital groups, especially your Facebook or membership group.

I  offer 1:1 Community Facilitation Strategy Sessions for Online Groups and/or In-person Events

In this 90 minute strategy session I coach you, as a community leader, in defining your Community Facilitation Strategy for managing online groups and/or in-person events. I will help you lead your community towards radical inclusion and a sense of belonging.

Together we’ll think through and define the guidelines and community practices you can lead with and achieve community goals. We will strategize the ways you can nurture engagement and connection, implement community commitments and accountability, and navigate the intense challenges that will inevitably arise (especially online).

You can also use these 1:1 sessions as a team training support or a tune-up when specific issues pop up in your community and you need help resolving or shifting them.

Price: 90 minutes via Zoom = $90. Sessions are recorded and I’ll send you the MP3.

Want to know more or get to know each other and see if we’re a fit? Schedule a 20 minute discovery call with me. Email aprilcherimagic @



“I worked with April for several years on a community building project focused on positive and healthy expressions of human sexuality. April was a co-founder of the group and working alongside her was a joy, even when the work was challenging. Her capacity for drawing out the best in people and facilitating healing work is outstanding. I’m now working in public policy and her mentorship has been critical in my ability to facilitate and hold space for those doing hard work on themselves and in their communities.” Christopher E., Impropriety Society Crewhead; Public Policy Community Engagement Coordinator

“April brings an invaluable strength to the center of any community that would have the fortune of including her. She is a fully present, compassionate, and strong community leader with an eye on the heart and soul of the collective’s core needs while allowing room for growth and expansion.” Juleigh Norwood, Impropriety Society Volunteer; Massage Therapist

“I have known April for over 15 years and during that time I have seen her blossom from a fierce protector of her personal friends to the inclusive Community Steward she is today. Her dedication to personal development has grounded her powerful abilities to hold space, meet people where they are, and invite dialogues with discordant members of multifaceted communities. Her big beautiful heart holds each facet of the community in its own sacred manner. I am deeply honored to have witnessed April’s dedication to tending the Communal heart, one beat at a time.” Kris R., Impropriety Society Volunteer; Psychologist