Intersectional Community Stewardship.

Building belonging.
Tending, nurturing, and facilitating community.
Creating radically inclusive and safe-to-be-brave spaces – especially online.
This is our work, together.

– Monthly moderation/community-building services to steward online groups
– Strategy Sessions to guide leaders and entrepreneurs who are managing and growing online groups

I work with conscious entrepreneurs and leaders who have online and in-person communities.

I apply my intersectional commitments, radical inclusion practices, and decades of in-person community facilitation experience to consult on gatherings of all kinds.

Community Stewardship and radical inclusion have always been my work, in person, and I saw in recent years that these skills were also needed in online groups. It is new territory for members and leaders — and one that often presents problems for entrepreneurs trying to steer these communities.

Not a lot of trainings or coaching services are available teaching us how to steward and lead online groups. But I know, intimately, from a decade of non-profit work and in-person community-building experience what some of the solutions are.

So in the last year I’ve translated my decades of facilitation experience into a new medium: digital groups, especially your Facebook or membership group.

Here’s an example of what that looks like, in practice:

  • I am currently the paid Community Steward  of “We Are The Culture Makers”, a Facebook group founded by feminist marketing consultant, Kelly Diels.
  • I welcome new members, moderate threads, offer guidance to community members about how to interact with each other, and intervene to steer fractious conversations away from the rocks.
  • I host online gatherings through Zoom and facilitate conversations around topics of interest to the community, as well as community of care support for personal struggles.
  • This group of 1,600+ is growing at a rate of up to 100 members per week and is very active. Members contribute a large volume of posts and shares around controversial topics. Feelings often run high as we unlearn our internalized oppression. It’s my work to steer these conversations, intervene, and provide guidelines and lane markings so people know how to navigate what’s often uncharted territory.
  • I also provide feedback, suggestions and guidance to Kelly Diels and her team about best practices in stewarding communities. I’ve helped her develop new guidelines and practices. As a result, the community discussions are staying on topic and members are working together far more effectively and productively. The work we’re doing in the group is now far less draining and far more rejuvenating & generative for everyone — members and leaders.

I offer Community Stewardship Services for your online group.

Communities often rapidly assemble around ambitious, inspirational, truth-telling and conscious entrepreneurs.

This is both a blessing and a curse.

The responsibilities and time-demands of online leadership can swamp a small business — and if you’re not coming from a facilitation or community development background, you might feel like you’re  not equipped to guide the very group you created.

Or maybe you simply don’t have the time to moderate and steward your online community the way you’d like to — a way that’s aligned with the intent of your work and your vision.

This is where I come in.

I’m a Community Steward and I can administrate, moderate, and guide your community on a daily basis using best practices, thoughtful guidelines, and daily presence and interaction.

I will make every member feel seen. I will draw lines when they need to be drawn.I will contribute suggestions and teachings to help improve interactions between members.

I will take a weight off your shoulders and help you lead your community towards radical inclusion and belonging.

Price: 5 hours per week, in three month engagements. $1800.00 or monthly installments of $600.
An initial commitment of 3 months is required in order to give appropriate time for change to be effective. Time packages can be customized based on your needs, with a minimum of 3 hours a week for communities under 500 members and 5 hours per week for communities over 500 people. The hourly rate comes to $30.00.

Want to know more or get to know each other and see if we’re a fit? Schedule a 20 minute discovery call. 

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I also offer 1:1 Community Stewardship Strategy Sessions for Online Groups and/or In-person Events

In this 90 minute strategy session, I coach and guide you, as a community leader, in defining your intersectionally aware Community Stewardship Strategy for managing an online group and/or your in-person events.

We’ll think through and define the guidelines and community practices you can lead with so that you can guide your group with and achieve your business and community goals. We will plan the ways you can nurture engagement and connection.

You can also use these 1:1 sessions as a team training support or a tune-up when specific issues pop up in your community and you need help resolving or shifting them.

Price: 90 minutes via Zoom = $90. Sessions are recorded and I’ll send you the MP3.

Want to know more or get to know each other and see if we’re a fit? Schedule a 20 minute discovery call. 

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“April brings an invaluable strength to the center of any community that would have the fortune of including her. She is a fully present, compassionate, and strong community leader with an eye on the heart and soul of a tribe’s core needs while allowing room for growth and expansion.” Juleigh Norwood, Massage Therapist