8th Story of Transgression: I Could be a Bearded Lady

I have PCOS, a condition that throws a woman’s hormones and metabolism out of whack. I’ve been shaving my chin and side burn areas nearly every day since I was a teen. I used to be ashamed of it, woke up before lovers so they wouldn’t know, and refused to leave the house without shaving. Now I live with a partner who adores my transgressions and accepts all of me, even my whiskers if I let them go a few days.

It’s been a trippy experience to watch tv shows about circus freaks, like Carnivale and AHS Freakshow, and realize that a woman having facial hair is so taboo that women like me were brutally othered for it. Notice they are always big women, too? That’s because they likely all had PCOS and were taunted, objectified, and excluded from society for it.

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