I’m Moving to Substack!

Dear Friends – 

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written on this blog. Life took me on all sorts of twists and turns in the last couple of years with chronic illness and trauma healing. I’m now re-emerging into the public sphere with a new subscription service for my writing called Substack (aprilcheri.substack.com), which has an option for paid subscriptions for people who would like to support my new work financially. Most posts will be available to non-paying subscribers. Paying subscribers will receive occasional exclusive posts like Q & As and give-aways, and will be investing in the Transgressive Woman artbook-memoir I plan to self publish. 

I’m currently writing about supremacy culture and safe relationships. My recent posts have increased my Instagram engagement by 600% and received amazing feedback, so I think I’m offering something of value to the collective. They are all available in the archive, which you can view before subscribing.

I understand if my new direction is not for you. And if it is, I’m thrilled you are sticking with me. I know I have a handful of cheerleaders who’ve been with me for years and I am extremely appreciative of your love and commitment. 

Big Love,
April Cheri

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