Portrait of AprilI am a complex woman with a variety of ways that I work and create in the world.

This is how all the threads of my life and career weave together:

My professional and volunteer life is comprised of administrative leadership, direct service, and community building, primarily in non-profits that provide programs for a variety of marginalized populations, including teen mothers, at risk youth, the aging, disabled and neurodivergent children, the LGBTQIA community, and people who are isolated and/or houseless due to addiction, poverty, and/or mental and physical disabilities. I no longer work for the nonprofit industry due to both disability and disillusionment with a system based on white saviorism, classism, transaction under the guise of philanthropy, and outsourcing acts of care. 

I am a published writer and have had multiple successful creative projects, including a multi-media project called The Yoni Endeavor that featured sculptures and digital paintings of vulvas. I also have a long-term gift economy project called The Conspiracy of Blessings.

I am a plant witch and operate a tiny plant magic business called Crystal Springs Apothecary.

For five years I co-led an all-volunteer, radically inclusive, sex-positive organization in Humboldt County, CA, called The Impropriety Society. I learned through education and experience how to nurture a variety of relationships in healthy and safe ways. I learned about belonging, radical inclusion, consent, negotiation, safety agreements, and other vital ways to practice relationship and community with intention.

I am a birth mother in a radically open adoption that fractured. We spent 10 months working through an interpersonal transformative justice program that led to a successful transformation of our adoption triad. We are a family again. Now I am bringing the framework of that program to individuals who desire to transform the ways they relate on Instagram and Substack.

I’ve been studying psychology as it relates to trauma and relationships since college. I’ve been self-developing since I was 15 and was introduced to the work of Leo Buscaglia and M. Scott Peck, PhD. I came from a home where we lived with mental illness, addiction, poverty, and repeated traumas due to violence (I have an ACES score of 7). I vowed I wouldn’t raise my kids under the same conditions and so I set out on a path of constant self-transformation in order to be a good mother and human.

I committed to this self and community work for the past 20 years because I am devoted to social and intimate justice for all. I seek life, liberation, and safety in our homes and in the world.


My past work around community-building, radical inclusion, and nurturing belonging includes:

  • We Are The Culture Makers Facebook Group – Community Steward for a Facebook group founded by feminist entrepreneur Kelly Diels.
  • The Impropriety Society – Producer, Hostess, and Staff Trainer for an all-volunteer organization producing sex-positive events. Leader of the Vibes crew, whose responsibility it was to welcome, include, and address challenges in a safe way. 
  • Humboldt Pride – Co-Chair of the Board of Directors and Event Producer for local organization that produced the county’s annual LGBTQIA pride event, a production of The Laramie Project, and other activities.
  • SHARP House – Co-Founder for a home for teen mothers and their children. 
  • The Macdonald Center – Office Manager & Community Builder for an organization that provides community for people who are poor, addicted and/or disabled, and live in isolation.
  • Trumpet Behavioral Health – Support Services Manager for Behavioral Health Clinic for Neurodivergent Children. As the nexus of the department’s operations, it was my responsibility to hold space and manage constant change as effectively as possible for our 130 families and 100 clinical staff in two locations. 
  • EWOC: Education, Work, Opportunity, Community – Director & Instructor for Welfare-to-Work Job Training Center. Created a soft-skills curriculum to support my students in managing the shift from poverty consciousness to being engaged members of the community. 
  • Camp Fire USA & Discovery Museum – Administrative Director & Event Organizer for a youth organization providing a variety of educational and recreational programs.
  • Area Agency on Aging & Volunteer Center of the Redwoods – Administrative support for all programs and events serving elders and volunteers in two counties.